High range Differential pressure meter

Dear Sirs,
Please help me out in selecting a suitable high range differental
pressure meter having the following description.
DP Range required: 0-10000 kpa.
Service : Fuel gas service
operating temp : 35 deg C.
This differential pressure measurement is across a Shutdown valve. The
shut-off pressure for the same is 9440 kpa. So we are intented to go
for a high range differentail meter of 10,000kpa.
Since this high range of Differential pressure gauges are not
available, would be obliqued to receive your guidance in selection of
a suitable meter. Also if any vendor would offer this high range
gauge, would like to know that too..
Thanks for your advice,
Engineer - Instrumentation.
L&T Chiyoda Limited.
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Ramesh S
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Most DP gauges for fuel gas are used for calculating flow across a known orifice. If this is that type of application, the accuracy of the flow calculations may vary from one valve opening to the next.
1. If you don't need great accuracy, you could use two pressure transmitters and calculate the DP in software.
2. If you need accurate DP across the valve when open, try adding extra valves to protect the DP transmitter from excessive pressure when the shut-off is closed.
3. If you are measuring flow, put a lower range DP around an orifice plate on either side of the shut off valve.
Mark Walsh Rogue Engineering Inc.
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