WTB: High pressure pump

See my thread on gundrilling.

Gundrills are cheap on eBay. Found the size i needed the first day and bought two. I'll get a couple more real cheapos for practice.

Turns out coolant is fine for gundrilling. I need high pressure, 400 PSI min. Haven't found GPM rquirements, can't belive its more than 5 GPM. This will be the hard part to find. Anybody have something like this?

I'm thinking of trying the pump out of an old car wash. I know where a scrap one is laying around. Other ideas for a cheap skate?


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Karl Townsend
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Log splitter, power steering, pressure washer?

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Jim Wilkins

Cheap electric pressure washer, add pressure gauge and adjust it's regulator as needed to get the pressure you want at the flow you get through the tooling.

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Pete C.

High pressure pumps are find-able. Look on eBay for "Fluid-O-Tech" items, for instance. It might be useful to find a coolant/lubricant that works with lower pressure (200 psi is acceptable for vane pumps).

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An old power steering pump might hold together long enough for a farmer (:

Karl Townsend wrote:

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Jim Stewart

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