Pressure sensor (high resolution/high speed) wanted!!!

I am looking for a pressure sensor (possible several) with the following
- resolution of 50 Pa (= 0.5 mBar)
- frequency range > 1 kHz
- sampling rate 400Hz
- operating pressure ± 20 barg
- operating temperature: 70-125 Deg C
- Range: we're only interested in the high frequent pressure
fluctuations around the average pressure. This requires a high-pass filter
to compensate for drifts (time period= 1 sec). We'll sample at 400 Hz and
anticipated peak-to-peak fluctuations are within a range of ±5bar.
Measurement resolution is as above
- EX-classification ATEX: Eex d IIC T4
- Anticipated cabling distance : 300m
Let me know if you know/have sensors that meet these requirements.
Christiaan Moons
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Christiaan, a Rosemount 3051C would have no trouble meeting the specs you've given, but if you were particularly worried about linearity with your high sampling rate, I would recommend a Rosemount 1151GP (yes, they still make them - and the 3051 is digital and the 1151 is analog) although the 1151 won't like 125degC.
You could expect to get around 25Pa resolution with the 3051 and less than that, but with decreased repeatability, from the 1151.
Look them up at
formatting link
and talk to your local rep.
I hope this helps. Cameron:-)
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Cameron Dorrough
The problem with the sensors that you listed is the sample speed. I want to scan the pressure at e.g. 400 Hz!!!! The damping of the listed sensors is too high if I look in the Rosemount catalogs.
greetings Christiaan Moons
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Years ago I did high speed pressure monitoring on hydraulic systems using strain gauge transducers, IIRC FW Bell was the manufacturer, but I could be wrong. They had time constants in the low millisecond range. There was no amplification, the wires came straight from the gauge rosette. With high quality instrumentation amps they were easily capable of resolution under 0.1%.
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bruce varley
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would have thought that an analog pressure transmitter would give you linearly-varying pressure readings no matter how fast you scanned it. True - I didn't look at the damping - and this will affect your response time, I suppose.
If you manage to find a "high-speed" Ex'd'-rated pressure tranmitter can you please let us know?!? IMHO, I don't think you will find any - ATEX approval is not cheap and the market is not big enough. ..but I like to be found wrong.
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Cameron Dorrough
I think you are talking about a microphone followed by an A/D converter such as a sound card.
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Walter Driedger

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