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I am Mohd sulaiman, I am working on Position control of the BLDC motor using the microcontroller. I have to implement the PID controller in Microcontroller through coding. My worry is mainly about the calculation of Kp,KI and KD constants. If you know how to calculate them or have a document which talks about the determination of these parameters. please let me know and how actually did you calculated PID values in your project. please give me the details not the implementation part. If any one wants to know full details of my project I will give them in order to solve the problem.

thanking you With Regards Mohd sulaiman

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Hello, It will be better if you describe your project/problem in complete. So that it is easy to answer wrt. your specific needs.

What you are asking is tuning of controller parameters. please search at

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for "tuning of PID controller parameters". Definitely you will get your answer.

Regards Chaitanya

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I have some information on my website,

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There is some free information posted on the site, including a tutorial, along with a eBook and an excel based spreadsheet simulator that can be purchased and downloaded. The eBook (and the free information on the site) cover some tuning methods, the simulator will allow you to practice.

Notice I use the term "tuning" rather than "calculating". The determination of the parameters is part science, part art (and experience). There are many methods that require testing of the plant response and calculating approximate parameters that could then be adjusted further.

John Shaw Process Control Solutions

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