Am I right ?


An object is attached near the periphery of a bigger one and the bigger object is rolling. After some time the link between the two breaks and the smaller one flies off tangentially.

I want to know whether in addition to its tangential translation will the smaller object spin too ?

I think it should spin as it should inherit rotational motion which it experienced while being on-board the larger object. And that spin rate should be equal to the rate of roll of the larger object. The mass center of the smaller obj however moves along the straight line tangentially.

Am i right ?

Thanks and regards

RJ Khan

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Dear RJKhan:

It doesn't "fly off", it continues on with whatever momentum it had at the instant of separation.

It should, but like anything, the means of affecting separation can alter this significantly.

By *default* it would be.

Being right is unimportant. Moving with certainty is. You have the correct concepts in mind. Proceed.

David A. Smith

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Thanks a lot Actually, some one wants a reference for my point. I have looked into various resources books, internet etc but none talked about the spin. I will be grateful if anybody could refer me something addressing the exact detail of the problem.



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