newbie servo question

dear ppl,
I am working with automation for the first time...and looking for a
solution using a servo card and some servo engines to control the
rotation of projection screens.
let me explain from the top. I am using a certain application to map
the performance space, so that several projection screens in that space
"watch" the dancer as he or she moves through the space.
what I need now is a solution of the rotation of the screens. there is
a midi to servo..or usb or serial port.
screens will be fairly big, but light. and the maximum rotation moment
is 90 degrees from the starting position and back.
any help, links or ideas will be appreciated.
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Here is the internet address for an internet maillist on Show Control... this is the ideal place to post this question. There are folks there who do this sort of stuff all the time.
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Joe Dunfee
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