GWServo S06/2BBMG" heavy duty servo acts funny ?

I have a "GWServo S06/2BBMG" heavy duty servo I bought off of eBay last
year. Seems to work OK, except that sometimes when I set some positions
after 90 degrees using a Phidgets Servo controller, it reverses almost back
to zero and then moves to the desire position. I don't have any other servo
controllers to try it out with at the moment.
Does this sound like a problem with the Phidgets controller / software or
does it sound like a bad servo ? I don't want to ask the Phidgets guys to
look into it if just sounds like a fluke problem with the servo itself.
Has anyone ever experienced similar behavior ?
Thanks !
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A bad feedback potentiometer can cause that sort of stuff.
You could try taking it apart, and applying tuner cleanr to the pot.
Failing that, GWS in california may help.
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Connect another servo in parallel. If both twitch at the same time, look at the controller - otherwise it is probably a servo pot problem.
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Dave Garnett
Great feedback from both you guys! Thanks!
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