GWS S06 2BBMG Servo Problem

Here is a problem that no one I know can solve.
I own mainly Hitec RCD3500 receivers.A while back I bought 12 of the
GWS S06 servos for use on larger scale models that I am planning to
build in the future.
If I plug only 1 - S06 into my HITEC receiver all is ok till I switch
on my transmitter then the servo starts to do small oscillations.
The transmitter signals still work and the servo does travel correctly
albeit with slight oscillations.
With two or more S06's plugged in it really goes very weird. Servos do
small oscillations as before but with a stick movement on transmitter
they then start doing full travels back and forth.
With one S06 and another servo (not an S06) it works ok.
With two or more S06's and another servo type it is unpredictable.
All other GWS servos I have on hand work fine. I have tried using
S666's and the smaller transparent one and one of the micro park flyer
ones and they are OK as are Sanwa, Hitec, and Futaba.
If I swap receivers to JR ( I have tried R700 and R600 and the 7 chan
pcm, and a new 9 chan FM), Multiplex, or even an old Challenger Dual
conversion fm the S06's work fine in any configuration.
My transmitter is a JR388X.
I have tested close/far, antenna up/down, full charge batteries/part
charged batteries in both Trans and Rec.
I have tested on 36.290 and 36.450 with same results.
Someone said it could be a damping capacitor missing in the S06's that
is sort of fixed when adding another servo type.
I really dont want to have buy all new receivers and to replace the
S06's will be expensive. I had some money a year ago and bought what I
thought I would need so its a bit long to go back to my hobby shop.
Any ideas? I also posted this on RC Groups forum but no replies so
Bob Tomlinson
Aussie RC Enthusiast and Rugby Fanatic.
Thank heavens the USA hasn't discovered and packaged Rugby.
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