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New to RC. I'm getting a Futaba 7CAP 7 Ch FM PCM Transmitter and wondering if it will work with other brand receiver like Hitec or do I have to use the one made by Futaba? The plane I'm interested in is

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On Sun, 06 May 2007 16:10:06 GMT, Cage wrote in :

Hitec makes receivers that are compatible with Futaba or JR.

Check the specs and make sure you get the right kind of Hitec receiver for your TX. Some of the Hitec are Futaba or JR only, while others can be switched by use of a patch cord to respond to either one.

Hitec computer transmitters can be set to transmit to either Futaba or JR receivers on a per-model basis.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

What Marty said.

For a small plane like the Uhu, it would be hard to beat the 4-channel Berg Rx. Smaller, lighter, better performing and lower cost than most any other. Try for example: Berg Micro Stamp MS4 with crystal of your choice, $31.95, includes shipping. I don't sell 'em - I do buy 'em.


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Abel Pranger

I own a 7C transmitter, and I'm quite happy with it. I fly it with a wide variety of receivers that are all compatible with Futaba's 72Mhz negative shift FM/PPM transmission mode.

You can use Futaba, Tower Hobbies, or Hobbico brand receivers that are all designed for negative shift. You can use Hitec, Cirrus, or JR receivers that are either auto shift or shift selectable. You can use a number of single conversion micro receivers like the previously mentioned Berg or the GWS micro receivers.

GWS actually makes a shift-selectable 8-channel dual conversion receiver for full range applications, the RD8SL. They're only $24.99 at United Hobbies in Hong Kong. I bought one to try and I liked it so much that I order 2 more of them. Air mail freight from Hong Kong for a pair of these receivers was only $5. Another company, ALL e RC, sells the GWS dual conversion crystals for this receiver for $5.25 each.

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Another terrific source for receiver crystals is Performance Devices. They sell receiver crystals for major brands like Futaba, JR, Hitec, and GWS for both dual conversion and micro receivers. Tower Hobbies recently picked up their line of crystals for GWS micro receivers as well as JR and Airtronic

75Mhz ground applications. My local hobby store charges $15.99 for a Futaba dual conversion FM receiver crystal, while Tower Hobbies charges $12.99. I ordered the Performance Devices Futaba dual conversion crystal for $5.95.

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If you want to use PCM mode, you will have to use a compatible Futaba PCM receiver, no other brand will work for PCM mode.

There are plenty of great choices out there for receivers and crystals to use with your Futaba 7C. You certainly don't have to pay $60 for a receiver and $13 to $16 for a crystal.

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Ed Paasch

Does anyone elses kit work with futaba when in PCM mode?

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The Natural Philosopher

| Does anyone elses kit work with futaba when in PCM mode?

I'm surprised to hear you ask that question ...

No, nobody's PCM works with any other vendor's PCM.

If you want to use PCM with a Futaba TX, you need a Futaba RX.

Of course, I can think of three different, incompatible, Futaba PCM implementations -- PCM 512 (old), PCM 1024 (modern) and PCM G3/2048 (14Z) ... so you need to get the right one.

Considering that most spread spectrum gear has all the features of PCM at a lot lower price, I imagine that PCM's days are numbered. People will still fly it, but I'll bet PCM sales are already way down and will keep going down.

(72 MHz (or whatever band one uses) PPM's days are numbered too, but it won't die out quite so quickly, as at least it's still cheap.

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Doug McLaren

My understanding is that all PCM systems are proprietary in nature. Nobody makes a receiver that is compatible with anybody else's transmitter. This is true of both 72Mhz and 2.4Ghz Spread Spectrum systems.

If I'm wr>>> New to RC. I'm getting a Futaba 7CAP 7 Ch FM PCM Transmitter and

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Ed Paasch

Well the OP specially stated he had a futaba PCM transmitter, wnd everyone was gaily recommending every brand of receiver in the book..yes I know you can switch them into non pcm mode..but did the OP know that?

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The Natural Philosopher

In quatrain 5-97, Nostradamus predicted that on Mon, 07 May 2007 03:32:15

+0000, in message , Doug McLaren would say:

And not everyone needs spread spectrum. Out here in the sticks, the frequency environment is wide open, so FM does fine. AM would probably have no problems also...


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Victoria Heisner

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