Multi-channel video transmitter/receiver for mobile robot

Hello Robotics Experts,

I need your advice to select proper products for an amateur mobile robot application.

We are building q remotely controlled mobile robot platform (a four wheel platform capable of carrying approx 30kg). This mobile platform is going to be equipped with 6 (six) video cameras. The video signals from this cameras will be transmitted, simultaneously to a central computer. This computer will be equipped with a multi-input frame grabber board and it will digitize the multi-camera signals received from the wireless video receiver/s. Distance between robot and the central computer will be less than 100m and robot will be in the line-of-sight with the central computer. Video quality is very important for our application.


  • Can you someone recommend a transmitter/receiver pair capable of simultaneously transmitting/receiving 6 video signals? OR Single video-channel transmitter/receiver pairs which can be set to 6 different frequency channels so we can use 6 of those to send/receive
6 video signals simultaneously?
  • Can you recommend a frame grabber board (not an expensive one) capable of capturing 6 video signals?
  • Can you recommend small color cameras (better than 640x480 resolution)?
  • Do you know any open project with similar specs?

All comments and recommendations are welcome.


Miem Chan miemchan AT gmail DOT com

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