Need help with Receiver

I seem to be getting erratic behaviour from my Futaba 7-channel receiver (freq. 72.910 or channel 56).

When a servo is connected to channel 2 of the receiver, it overshoots neutral and is sluggish. The same servo is fine when connected to any other channel. I've tried other servos with the same results. No only that, but the problem is intermittent.

Any thoughts on the problem ? Is it the receiver, crystal or other ?

Thanks in advance.


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mark clemente
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I've had some sevos do that and I traced it to a bad connection. I hope it's not inside the reciever in your case. Mine was always a connector. Eddie Fulmer

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Sounds like dirty connections...

Remove the rx from the case and clean the pins onto which the servo connects. I would use the end of a flat toothpick dipped in CLEAN acetone.



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Bill Fulmer

Sounds like a dodgy power pin on that channel frankly. Check for corrosion or a bad solder joint around teh pins

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The Natural Philosopher

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Fubar of The HillPeople

I had the same problem once and it only occured on channel 2. I thought the thing was ready for the trash heap. But I checked the receiver battery and it was nearly discharged. I charged the battery and have never had the problem again. Why it only occured on channel 2 is a mystery.

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Its all about the volts getting to the servo.

If one set of pins are corroded, that may be enough to throw a marginal setup completely over the edge.

Alwatys good to give the pins a wipe and check for dry joints. We wiggle receiver pins a lot when installing receivers..

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The Natural Philosopher

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