NIKKO steering servo

Has anyone hacked into the steering servo on the NIKKO remote controlled
cars? I just bought a car at a garage sale and the servo turns on 3 vdc
straight to the motor. It is a four lead device with about 120deg rotation.
Has a small ckt board and motor inside the servo case.
Would like to find out the schematic of the servo bd so as to use it with a
Stamp controller.
Same car looks to have a small H-bridge to drive the main mtr.
Anyone know about this?
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I had the same question, tho the steering servo in my Nikko 4x4 Hummer sounds different than yours. I 'hacked' it by called tech support at Nikko. Get their phone number off the Nikko web site and ask for Albert in tech support. He knows and was happy to help.
My steering servo is not labeled with a part number. There is a red wire and a blue wire to it from the main board. Measuring voltage red to blue, right turn is 10.6VDC, left turn is -10.6VDC, center is 0VDC. There is no partial steering its either centered or fully deflected. A fully charged battery is about 11VDC so the steering control is either at + rail or -rail. Load is about 400-500mA. I'm taking the servo out of mine and replacing with something I can control with PWM.
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