Damping control in power steering

Hi all, I would like to know about "active damping" and "active torque damping" in electric power steering in 4 wheel vehicles. What are the inputs(such as vehicle speed etc) needed for active damp control and active torque damp control. How the inputs are related to damp control and active damp control ?


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What I know is that EPS has a torque sensor,vehicle speed and BLDC motor with Hall sensor. You can know rotor speed with Hall sensor, and if you put a Rsense in your control circuit (3-phase MOSFET bridge) you can do a torque control with 2 feedback ( rotor speed and current). You can use PID for damping control when for example you have a torque pulse input (kickback). I think the worst case is bump and brake. When the car speed increase, steering is more hard. Normaly, the driver do maximum of 5 Nm to Steering Wheel.

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