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hi, here i am putting forward a topic related to control of excessive body roll in SUVs(Sport Utility Vehicles). is there anyone who will give me information regarding how anti roll bar helps to reduce the roll of a vehicle? also how do we decide on anti roll bar stiffnesses and other vehicle dynamics related issues while designing anti roll bar for a vehicle that originally do not have any anti roll bar before?

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A roll bar provides extra sprung resistance to differential wheel travel by coupling in the opposite suspension spring. Common mode displacement of both wheels is not impeded.

brian Whatcott Altus OK

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Brian Whatcott

The way to prevent excessive lean in an SUV is not to build the thing in the first place. Up until a very few years ago, a high center of gravity was anathema to designers. Now it's almost purely inexplicable fashion. A very few SUVs trade back the high center of gravity with increased ground clearance, but most don't.

Anti-roll bars (bafflingly also called roll bars) are used to do three things: 1.) reduce overall body lean in a turn, 2.) reduce the response time in a turning transient, and 3.) by adjusting the relative fore and aft roll stiffness, set the balance (and to some extent, the turn-in dynamics) between steady state oversteer (tail out) and understeer (plow).

Add at least a fourth for racecars - accomodate changes in track, driver, and weather conditions. And maybe a fifth - having SOMETHING to change when things aren't going well, and you're out of ideas.

We're l-o-o-o-n-g overdue for a swell of interest in lowrider SUVs. I can hardly wait.

Hth, Fred

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Fred Klingener

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