good freeware cad program

Any advice on a good freeware cad program to be used for structure plans and
conversion would be welcome.
It seems there are a few to choose from. Or would a purchase of a better
bundle of software be warranted?
I wouldn't use it for track design, only structure plans to aid scratch
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Jeff wrote:
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Dale Gloer
I picked up TurboCad for $8 at the local Half Price Books. Works great. You can draw in colors, draw and manipulate objects in the drawing, do 2D or 3D.
Minimum configuration: 486/66 processor 2X cd-rom VGA display 16 MB ram 25 MB disk space
In other words, runs on all but the most outdated computers. It ran fine on my old 60 Mhz Pentium. Haven't tried it yet on the on my new Pentium-III 900+Mhz powerhouse (for $5 - a junkyard relic that needed a new BIOS chip and a registry restore - somebody trashed it), but I can't wait to use it!
Jay Still on the old 366 Mhz system
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I picked up something called "KeyCad" from the $10-a-box bin at the local CompuUSA. However it is pretty much a dud, I can make better drawings faster with a T-square. All the pro's swear by Autocad, but it's fairly expensive and has a steep learning curve. Should you run across something useful I'm sure we would all be interested.
David J. Starr
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David J. Starr

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