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I have an old post and beam building I want to renovate, and need some
simple scale drawings for the local building inspector.
Over the last few days I have downloaded demos of various cad programs
to evaluate before purchase.
As a novice (read NO training) the thing that always stops me is the
language of the various software's.
Is there cad program written simply enough for the novice to use,
without going to adult ed for a year first?
Thank you.
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Jeff Townsend
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Sorry, mate, you're out of luck.
One of the reasons for that is copyright. ie, if you're a designer of a cad program, you'd want anyone using your program to stay with it, and not try another someone else's.
So - make facilities and attributes in the program that belong to you, and that no one else can use, or they'd be infringing copyright.
Then make it complicated, so you can sell a training program to go with it as there's lots more money to be made from training courses
Get the picture?
Bastards, aren't they? no altruism in business these days!!
Jeff Townsend wrote:
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Often, well done hand drawings will suffice for an owner-builder; it varies by jurisdiction. Ask.
Otherwise, for $100 Autosketch might be as simple as it gets.
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Do a Google search on Deltacad. Easiest to learn cad program I have seen. Simple but quite adequate for what you want. $40.00,
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Why not use a pencil on paper?
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Michael Bulatovich
Is that "KIDCAD" package still available - sounds about your speed, and it really works.
Happy Trails To You
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Happy Trails
Why not DL Sketchup. It's free to use for 300+/- minutes and turns out some nice stuff. Dan
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Dan Deckert

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