Running AutoCAD on Core 2 Duo

Hi Guys
Just about to get a new workstation to run AutoCAD 2007 - 3D a must.
Autodesk site says a Pentium at least 3.0GHz. My question is about running
on Core 2 Duo processors - is this better?
Autodesk referred me to the dealer network - rang two and got the greatest
load of waffle - they don't know. Does anybody here have any experience
runnin on these new machines?
Thanks in advance
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Robin Gray
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I use Autocad 2007 on a Core Duo. During rendering, clearly, Autocad use the 2 Cores. How much faster than a single one... I don't know.
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This month's Cadalyst magazine is all about workstations...
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John Doe

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