3d people

I've been looking for 3d people to import to LDassistant which is
compatible with AutoCAD. I found some I like but they are only
available as MAX, OBJ and LMO files. I can't find a way to import
thses files. Is there some easy way to change these files to DXF? I
don't want to spend a lot on software, this is probably a one time
Any source for reasonably priced autocad plug-in for high-quality 3d
people. Especially dancers.
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There's 3D people at
formatting link
but maybe not at the quality you're seeking.
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Most of my friends are 3D, but I've been known to "socialise" with some 2D women. I usually find them at my local newsstand. I'm not sure about "plugging" them or if they make good assistants, but they do what they do well.
Dr Fleau
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Dr Fleau

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