Auto CAD file: import 2D to 3D

Hi, I'm new to solidworks, anyway, I have an AutoCad file that has 4 views on it (Top,Left,Right and Bottom) that I have been trying to convert to a 3D part. I get it to the point where all you see is each face, but am stuck on how to connect each of the edges to form a 3D part. Can anyone out there enlighten me?


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Carmelo T.
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If you click on menu Help - "Moving to AutoCad" as well as "Using Imported AutoCad Data",.. that should you with your question?


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Paul Salvador


I found redrawing is not slow too much than convertion, and its quality is much better than convertion. You know, AutoCAD drawing always full of false dimesions made in modifications. So I do not believe the length is equal to the dimension say. I always redraw them and get a believable model.


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