SP 2.1 Must Be OK???

I'm a reluctant upgrader, still on 2003 SP5.
Has 2004 SP 2.1 worked out well for standard sorts of work, excluding
surfacing issues?
I'm thinking SP3 may be the time to upgrade.
Thanks - Bo
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We finally jumped in after the release of 2.1 and I'm not sorry - wouldn't want to go back. There are some issues, but, in my opinion, not serious, and not enough to stop the show like there were with 1.0 & 2.0.
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Wayne Tiffany
Chicken... ;^)
Only rumors... and past history, but sp3.0 (release.. soon?) will most likely be better.
I would bet surfaces (lofts/fill/sweeps) and curves will again have another algorithm change/mod and other past surfaces and boundaries will fail,...sweet, as always.
Consistently inconsistent per SW Corp = more subscription and next release promises = revenue!! And, btw, I'm tired of ctrl-q'ing surfaces/curves (pos/pita). (even with resolve on)
Bo wrote:
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Paul Salvador
Thanks Paul.
Chicken? Pioneers & birds took the arrows. I would rather be the entrepeneur who rides the rails.
I do use lofts and sweeps a bit, but not surfaces for my prismatic solids production work.
Think I'll jump when SP3 hits.
Later - Bo
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Bo Clawson
Why would anyone be reluctant to upgrade to the latest version of SolidWorks?
What a sorry state that anyone using SolidWorks for the past few years would be "Reluctant" to upgrade or install a SP. I thought the reason we all are paying subscription $$$ was to better are software tools. This says allot about the dilemma facing users who have lost time/money because of software upgrades or bad SP's.
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Jacob Filek
BTW I'm using 2004 SP2.1
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Jacob Filek

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