New Year resolutions

With a fair bit going on at work in the past 12 months we haven't had a lot of time to play, but we did manage to get to more UK shows than before, albeit mainly over our side of the country, and we missed a couple of favourites: Lister-Petetr and Astle Park. Resolution No1 will be to get to even more shows in 2004.

The overseas travelling worked out very well for us, with three trips and one show plus two swap meets in the USA. We will be at Tulare (Ca) in April, Portland again in August and probably Woodland in October, although we have had an invite to Toronto by an old school mate, so we may just trip over the border and see them instead. No change in next year's plans.

Engine-wise we have not managed much at all, so Resolution No2 is to get more done on the Ruston and Dyno trolley. It's all sitting there almost finished, but weather and travelling/work/UK Shows meant that weekend time was at a premium.

Workshop machinery has had quite a boost, possibly to the detriment of the engine stuff, but I have to make some provisions for my old age enjoyment if not employment, and may as well buy stuff while it is cheap and available. Space is now a problem in the workshop so a week's worth of skip filling/moving is on the cards in the new year. Even with the additional space we have up the farm, we still can't move!

The van is starting to show signs of advanced miles/kms, it's covered

378,000 kms, the current engine having done 95,386kms less than that figure. We would like to think about a replacement but work is fairly slow at present and cash flow is all-important, so a new lease is off the cards for at least 6 months. The current version only comes with the 2.5dti engine, the uprated 2.8dti is only on the medium wheelbase version, but has a useful 130hp against our 105.

Other than that, we'll be happy to have a quiet, peaceful and healthy New Year, which we wish all of you as well. Thank you all for the good companionship and chat you have provided in 2003 !

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Tidying the workshop is, like washing, a never ending task, and I'm still working out how to squeeze the Dominion in. In addition all my engine bits have been removed from the house and dumped in the workshop. No particular resolutions, but will be returning to Internal Fire to clear up the mess I left :-) Hope you all get plenty of what you wish for Roland

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Roland and Celia Craven

Finish what I have started i.e. a Villiers WXII, Purchase and fit a Towbar to new Van, do some much needed decorating to gain brownie points to purchase engines and finally be generally nice to my wife. Not that I am not already.

Martin P

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Mine's quite simple, to complete everything that I actually say I'm going to at this time of year for once. Also, to let my youngest restore his first engine in time for 1000 engine with dad just advising and not diving in and taking over.



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