Happy Christmas

Gentlemen, I owe you all an apology as I forgot to leave a smiley face after the fist comment, it was not meant as a barb just a slip of the keyboard. By the way I have just had a large bonus presented to me so there maybe, wife permitting, an open crank at last.

Happy Christmas.

Martin P

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I didn't think it was a barb, Martin. It didn't cause me any upset.

Yesterday I tore my boiler suit slipping on snow while climbing a fence . Now that's what I call barbed!

Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin

Right then, DON'T go and buy the first one you see, have a look around first and also ask around, there may well be someone with a decent O/C for sale who is on the newsgroup or one of the US engine lists...

I haven't BTW, I am keeping my one and only (and heavy) Ruston.

Kind regards,


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Prepair Ltd

A merry Christmas and happy New Year to all from Oz, where Christmas Day is expected to be 35°C.

BTW, what is this "snow" people keep talking about? Is it that nice looking stuff on Christmas cards?

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Jack Watson

Well, that is a poor representation of snow. Snow is the stuff that goes flying out of the end of the machine attached to your 10.5 hp Tecumseh stationary engine. (see, back on topic). I've got my neighbours lobbying my wife for a ride-on (although I have no room to turn it around).

Sadly, we are losing ours before Christmas (which I hope is happy for you and yours), to be replaced by freezing rain.


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