Selecting 3D-2D CAD Program

Hi, to begin, sorry my bad english.
I have to take a choice of a CAD program with 3D posibilities. The
things that I seek in it are: Good Exporting to others programs in 3d
formats and DWG/DXF for autocad, Real ISO Drafting and good in
drafting to draw the planes.
The options:
Solidworks 2007
Solid Edge 19
Autodesk Inventor 7
Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3
Unigraphics NX 4
I have used CATIA before, and its really intuitive of use in 3d
modeling, and great in drafting, but is a hell in exporting, overall
in dwg/dxf exporting (the exported autocad planes are awful and need
so much retouching).
The process I want is: 3D Modeling and testing, Make draft in 3D
program, export draft to autocad, retouch planes in autocad and print
or share. In between it can be IN and OUT of 3D models from/to other
companies, and we know that every company use a different program
almost always, what is a problem.
Its difficult to me to find the prices of each package, anyone knows
how much it cost every of the listed programs, approximately.
Thanks very much.
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I have found that importing into solidworks is quite easy. and it is a whole lot more sable than inventor.
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stevan k
You should review Alibre.
formatting link

Very nice. Almost identical to SolidWorks and Inventor.
You can download the FREE "Express"version, that is limited to 10 part assembly.
Ecen the full vresion is only $1,000 dollars U.S.
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My company is going through this process and we have narrowed it down to:
Solid Works Base $3995 per seat Solid Works Pro $5940 per seat
Solid Edge $4000 per seat
Inverntor $5295 per seat
Dont forget to include maintaince fees $600 - $1495 per year per seat
Dont rush into anything, all of them will give free trials
It really depends on what you need the CAD system for as to which ones to consider. Go the the websites and find local vendors if not local then call the main head quarters They will give you all the info you need an want.
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