**NEED to learn 2D CAD / 3D Modeling?**

**NEED to learn 2D CAD / 3D Modeling?**

**Do you already know 2D CAD, but want more?**

**How about 3D Computer Aided Engineering Design, Modeling & Simulation? **

- We will teach tips and tricks to make 3D Computer Modeling an easy, fun and time effective experience.

- Don't spend countless hours trying to get the nuts and bolts of the program.

- Maximize your time and become an expert in days, not weeks.

**CONSIDER this:

- We use a CADD program that is offered at a fraction of the cost of the major CADD software but is 99% compatible and has exactly the same interface.

- This is a clone of the real thing. $$Price is less than $400 not $$Thousands!

- The benefits of the surprisingly low cost of this program makes it well worth it.

- You can download a full trial version for 30 days and see for youself.

- Install it on your computer and away you go.

- If you are just learning and are planning on light 3d modeling for starters, then the free version is sufficient.

- However once you are hooked on 3D you will not want to go back to 2D CAD ever again.

- Generate all your 2D drawings directly from 3D and watch your productivity skyrocket.


- $100 for the full courses not $$thousands.

- Learn everything you need to know to become very confident / proficient during the program trial period.

- All lessons are online.

**Visit website to see the latest in offerings:

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