Autocad 2004/Voloview

Does anybody know of a freeware viewer that does the same or similar to
Voloview 2.We use Autocad at work and have upgraded from R14 to 2004 and
found that Voloview 2 does not work with Autocad 2004.We cannot justify the
purchase of Voloview 3 due to the amount of licenses needed.
Thanks in advance
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Paul Nicholson
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Have a look at Bentley View from the Bentley website.
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Does not *file* *publish* work for you? Files are viewed with ExpressViewer.
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George B
Just a thought ... can you produce DWF files? I just learned about them tonight. For what I need, they will work very well.
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Steven M (remove cola to reply)
We are talking getting on for around 5,000 drawings :-)
But the File publish is an option I'll look into!
"Steven M (remove cola to reply)" wrote in message news:
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Paul Nicholson
I tried that,it seems to do the job,needs a bit of playing with to work it out but seems pretty good,thanks for the info!!!!!
"Huw" wrote in message news:408ddbf4$ Have a look at Bentley View from the Bentley website.
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Paul Nicholson
Hi Autodesk has released program for viewing DWG files and the basic is free.
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Pasi p. Lahtinen
There are allot of updates and changes from r14 to 2004. (a world of change) You need a autocad class - r14 and 2004 have only one similarity - the basic commands.
Voloview is no longer compatable - and the file extension has changed.
Ed (20 years exp. w/autocad)
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ed spearman

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