Re-Order.lsp for AutoCAD 2006/07...

I used a lisp program in AutoCAD 2004 called Re-Order.lsp. We recently
upgraded to AutoCAD 2006, and it will not run in it. Does anyone here know
of an updated version anywhere? Or, maybe someone here has upgraded it. I
have emailed the original person that wrote it 2-3 times, but have never
recieved a reply. Nice, huh?
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Chuck Sowers
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Chuck Sowers a écrit :
Hello what does it do ? Maybe you can join it to your mail, then we can look what's wrong with 2006 ? Gégé
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Thanks for the reply. I have been informet that the commans BATTMAN performs the same funstions as the older Re-Order.lsp that I was talking about. So I have just decided to go with it.
Thanks again!
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Chuck Sowers

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