In line text editor color

­Does anyone know of a way to change the background color of the
inline text box in ACAD2006? It's an opaque blue which is great if you're
screen color is white but I think I'm safe in saying that most of us use a
black screen color which makes it nearly impossible to work with the inline
text editor.
Steve Bagdazian

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Steve Bagdazian
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If you have AutoCAD 2006 and your DTEXTED variable is set to 0 and you double-click any text entity you will be using the in line text editor or in-place text editor. The same holds true if your MTEXTED variable is set to "Internal" and you double-click a mtext entity.
As to the original question I don't know. Good question.
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Chuck Fluri
What's an inline text editor?
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Press an arrow key or click on the text to unselect it. Then it displays normally.
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Tim S

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