Changing color of mtext universally in a drawing

I have a situation where I have to clean up architectural drawings from outside our office... They come with all the text in blue (mtext)... I work with a black background and would like to change all the text to a light color, without having to double click on each bit of mtext and manually change it to something light.

Is there a setvar or something similar that I can set to force all mtext to conform to what I want... Or a list routine that I can run


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If the text is all on the same layer just change the color of that layer.


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You could use the FILTER and CHANGE commands to do that

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Michael Bulatovich

try this. you can pick anything in a drawing that is say the color BLUE and it will change everything that is BLUE in the drawing (by layer) to a newly selected layer.


************************************************************************ GCC.LSP - (c) 1998 Tee Square Graphics

Global Color Changer for AutoCAD R14. Changes all objects and layer definitions of a selected color to a different color of user's choice.

(load "GCC") to load, GCC to run.

************************************************************************ |;

(defun C:GCC (/ cmd old ent clr lyr new ss col) (command "_.undo" "_be") (setq cmd (getvar "cmdecho") old (entsel "\nPick Object of Color to change: ") ent (entget (car old)) clr (cdr (assoc 62 ent)) lyr (cdr (assoc 8 ent))) (if (null clr) (setq clr (cdr (assoc 62 (tblsearch "layer" lyr))))) (setq new (acad_colordlg clr nil) ss (ssget "x" (list (cons 62 clr))) lyr (tblnext "layer" T)) (if ss (command "_.chprop" ss "" "_c" new "")) (while lyr (setq ent (entget (tblobjname "layer" (cdr (assoc 2 lyr)))) lyr (tblnext "layer")) (if (= (cdr (setq col (assoc 62 ent))) clr) (progn (setq ent (subst (cons 62 new) col ent)) (entmod ent)))) (setvar "cmdecho" cmd) (command "_.undo" "_e") (princ) ) (alert (strcat "GCC.LSP - (c) 1998 Tee Square Graphics\n\n" "Global Color Changer (Objects and Layers)\n" " Type GCC to start.")) (princ)

hope this helps.

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_FILTER ADD SELECTED OBJECT then pick an mText in the textbox, DELETE whatever isn't common to what you want to select (in your case, everything except OBJECT = MTEXT) APPLY type ALL then hit ENTER All mText will be selected and you can change the layer in the LAYERS control on the toolbar - change the color on the COLORS control or text size on the PROPERTIES panel.

another way... QSELECT set OBJECT TYPE to mText set OPERATOR to SELECT ALL dot INCLUDE IN NEW SELECTION SET and uncheck APPEND TO CURRENT SELECTION SET hit OK this will highlight all the mText - from there, you can change stuff as above.

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Raymond Luxury Yacht

Thanks for all the suggestions... Unfortunately none of them worked I finally decided I'd go back to the old days and attack the database... dxfout, then used windows notepad to search and replace as needed... A lot faster than text editing each piece of mtext... (maybe not as fast as somebody probably knows aout there)

If I listed the text I would get something like This:

"{\C174;\lSTEP IN L26 CLG. SLAB}"

in notepad I would search and remove: "{\C174;\l" and "}"

reducing the text to: "STEP IN L26 CLG. SLAB"

then the layer would determine the colour "bylayer"

again, thanks.

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