global mtext edit

Does anyone know of a lisp [or other addin] program that you
can use to globally edit m-text in acad. In other words, if I wanted
to select 20 mtext boxes and have the string "1996" changed to "2006".
Anyone know of such a thing? I have one for dtext already.
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Paul Stone
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The FIND command gives you the option to replace a string in text, attributes values, tables, etc.
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In the text toolbar click on 'find' (or type in find). The find window will come up. If you have prior selected mtext it will only change those items, if not it can or will change all items in the drawing with the line of text you type in to find, then type in what you want it to change to, click find, you have the option to change all or particular ones, if you select to change all it tells you the number of items totally changed. You can change different text and it remembers all. This stays active even if you open a different drawing until you close your AutoCAD session. Just click find in the new drawing, click the arrow to the right of find and follow the same techniques. I use it almost every day and can remember what it was like before and the time it has saved our company. Years ago before I had a drawing that had 37 items to change and the time it took, with find it would have been done in lets than probably 30 seconds.
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