changing the color of a solid

how do you change the color on a solid in Pro-E ?
question #2 - if i wanted to set the default color so that all parts
generated from then on are the new color, how do i make that adjustment
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1) In Pro/e 2001
click VIEW from drop down menu
cursor down to MODEL SETUP and cursor over and click on COLOR AND APPEARANCES. ( appearances box opens )
click ADD (appearance exitor box opens)
in the color section click on the color sq on the right (color editor box opens)
3 ways to use color editor (first way) COLOR WHEEL (second) BLENDING PALETTE (third) SLIDERS
make color pick
click CLOSE
click OK
click SET (to change whole part) OR if you want to change just a couple of surfaces
in the set object appearance section click on the drop down box and choose an option (example: surfaces)
then just click on the surfaces you want to change to that color
click DONE
click SET
click CLOSE
2) I don't know (never needed to)
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Goto View -> Colors & Appearances. From this property shee you can change the color
One way to have all parts start out in another color other than gra
would be to create a start part and define the color to be what yo want
Hope this helps, Glenn |B
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