MTEXT settings changing after an edit ?

I thought multi-line text entities had inert settings for the display
parameters of the text within the text box boundaries. But my line-space
factors seem to jump to different settings when I edit them in the
properties dialogue boxes.
Is there something about the base .dwg file settings causing multi-line text
parameters to change during a Windows Copy/Paste from one drawing file to
Glenn Ogreenc
Greenbrae, Ca.
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Glenn Ogreenc
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Sure if if your text style settings are different but share a common name they will change after cut and past. If you have a text style called "standard" and the spacing for "standard" in one drawing is 1 and in the other drawing it is .75 then the text will change depending on the settings for that style in the drawing you are pasting to.
Glenn Ogreenc wrote:
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