is there a comprehensive dwg settings listing anywhere?

How do we open a dwg file, and then get a comprehensive listing of settings
for that file. I am in the process of trying to wake up a small firm from
the nightmare of too many different people using too many different settings
for same dimension style names, different linetypes/colors/etc for same
layer names; basically in the infancy of establishing a consistent standards
manual for a structural engineering firm I work with.
The problem is many times when I go to retrieve master details from the
office computer I find there was careless regard for uniform dimension
settings in the same dimension styles, and problems with text and note
uniformity, and layer name usage with all the settings for each of those.
It's not fun when I am under pressure to perform and I find I have to
practically re-create details, only to find that what appeared to be a most
common set of standards was actually in conflict in other areas.
What I'd like to do is set up a way to process the details per "batch" by
loading details to a common dwg file and then "paintbrush" everything to
conform to major settings. However I was hoping there is a way to open a dwg
file and list all the settings for that file instead of opening dialogue
boxes and all their tabs individually to inspect and identify
inconsistencies. So is there a way to list all that data outside of the
program dialogue boxes and print them out? Also if there is anyone who has
had to deal with a similar situation and was successful at it I'd like to
know how you went about processing or revealing inconsistencies between dwg
Glenn Ogreenc
Greenbrae, California
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Glenn Ogreenc
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There is an excel file on my web site with all the variables (ACAD 2000) in which you can change each variable and save the changes as a cad script file.
The section on dims are linked to text size
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Terry Rawkins
If you have ACAD 2002 or 2004, what you want to do is already built into the software. Use the CAD standards features to compare the same styles in different drawings to a standard, and it will flag the differences. You can then update styles in a drawing to meet the "standard" drawing setings.
To just list the differences, run a script while in each drawing to list its style settings. You could list the drawing name, then variables starting with dim* or t* to get the dim and textstyle settings, and -layer ? for layer settings. Turn on the logfile to save the results to the text screen log file. Use dwgname to get the drawing name.
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Tim S
Wow thaks! I always was curious aout .scr files use with AutoCAD. Now I have a mission to learn and use something new...makes things easier and more interesting.
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Glenn Ogreenc
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Glenn Ogreenc

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