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I am planning to buy AutocadLT 2006.I would like to know whether
'express tools' are in-built in LT 2006. If not is there anyway we can
bring in these tools in to it?
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Express tools is not included in any LT version. You can buy third party tools which may have most of the key features.
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Chris Gyotar
not inbuilt and no, you can't add express tools into the LT version. I think the functionality of LT to use the tools was removed. (Something to do with LISP??)
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Chris Gyotar wrote:
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You might take a look at
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James Padgett
I offer a free download (url below) called LTXpress Tools. It is a collection of macros and scripts that mimic many of the most popular Express Tools from the full version.
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Chip Harper

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