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I am an AutoCad ninkompoo (dummy), and I have an existing drawing that has 2
layers of lines. I wish set it that layer1 lines have a thickness of 0.5
units while layer2 lines have thickness of, say .25. I have experimented
with settings in the Format/Layers dialog, but at the end, after entering,
what seems to be, logical settings and OKing the dialog, all the lines are
of same weight. And even after plotting to several formats and viewing, the
story is the same. Is there any way to achieve the objective of letting
prints and display show the desired output?
Thanks for any input - no pun intended
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Line thickness can be set via the layer manager, assign the line weight for the layer. The lines will all display at the same width in model space but when plotted will have the appropiate width. If you want to see the line weights in model space you can click the 'LWT' button below the command line (assuming that your command line is on the bottom) OR change the system variable 'LWDISPLAY' from 0 to 1.
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Chip Harper

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