EZYSurf 2004

EZYSurf Version 2004 is finally released. An AutoCAD Add-on software
allows engineers, surveyors, geologists and other non drafting
professionals to create 3D images within AutoCAD. DTM models, sections,
volumes, cut batters and other data presentation tools can be drawn with
minimal drafting or AutoCAD experience using pull down menus.
Capabilities include:
. XYZ-in : Loads 3D points from a text file.
. Create TIN/TRN : Creates 3D colour TIN and TRN surfaces from selected
points and breaklines.
. Create Contours : Creates 3D colour contours from TIN and TRN
. Sections : Generate Long and Cross sections.
. Cut and Fill Batters : Determine cut and fill intersections with DTM
. Slope analysis
. Volumes
. 3D Animation
. Partial menu load to retain existing user Bonus Tools and pull down
. 3D color presentations
. Capable of 3D Road design modelling
Fast generation of TIN, TRN, Contours, Enhanced Contours and Volumes
from within
AutoCAD on an ezy to use pull down menu.
Full Manual and Tutorials are also included.
For more information and to download a fully working 100 point limited
DEMO for testing and and evaluating.
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