Got to get rid of this

I have a Mitutoyo verical comparator ("Digimatic") with a stand I need
to get rid of due to pressure from my other half. In a previous life it
was used for gauge calibration and I'm very unhappy about putting it in
the bin. It's about 25mm range.
If anyone wants it and can collect from South Bucks UK it's yours for a
thank you.
Photo if you ask for it.
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I know what I'd tell her !!
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Yes but into which orifice? 8^))
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Dave Croft
Digby, May possibly sound like I'm a bit crazy but I assume we are talking about a height gauge------(read he's nearly a complete idiot) But could you send me a picture or in the new language-a photograph please. Thanks, Darius Bartlett, France
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