Changing directories for x-refs

Gday all,
Often I receive a set of drawings from an architect which are x-reffed all
over the place. This is a real pain as my civils are typically tied to the
survey, which is in real world co-ods, while the architect will have several
drawings at different rotations and co-ords. The base drawings I then use
from the architects have a number of x-refs at varying inserts & rotations,
and different paths to the files.
When I try to change the saved path and reload, I'm still left with the file
description on screem, and the x-refs still showing the original path in the
Xref Manager. Is there a way to do this without manually getting the insert
& rotation values and entering them?
I'm using Autocad 2000 on WinXP Home.
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I have the same problem. I end having to rescale, and re-rotate.
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yes, just bind the XREFS
XREF ---> BIND ----> as an INSERT
it wont ask for the rotation and will just place it as a block as you see it.
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dooflunkus the jeep guy

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