X-30 drawings needed

Was there some kind of finalized NASP X-30 iteration? I mean is that
flattened-nose waverider was really FINAL one?
I have seen promotional video with X-30 on orbit...should say that guys who
did it have put main gears wells right in the place where side scramjets
supposed to be...with B-36 size wheels.
The matter is I'm trying to scratchbuild X-30 in 1/72, and need some kind of
engineering drawings...so if anybody can help, would be very obliged. I have
some X-30 ad stuff from old good times, but it's definitely not enough.
Strong feelings that some details of fuselage underside, shock generator, in
fact, is 'retouched'.
Regards from Moscow,
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Gregory Omelchenko
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Take your pick of drawings. I don't think it ever got beyond the artist's concept. Kim M
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