30% discount

Hobbycraft shop in Nottingham ( and I would assume other Hobbycraft shops )
has 30% discount on all Bachmann steam and diesel locos
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Bob Heath
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Depends how much they were charging to start with! Maybe it is like those electrical shops which offer a huge discount, but on some spurious price supposedly once offered for 28 days at their Rockall branch.
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Arthur Figgis
Did Bachmann have a stock take week recently - perhaps someone found a huge pile of boxes in the corner labeled "Deliveries For Low Volume Outlets - Non Urgent".
Cheers, Simon
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Well my local(ish) Hobbycraft normally charges list price for toy train stuff, as does the remaining local model shop. :-/
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Tank/hopper wagon I really want to make one day is illustrated in (IIRC Petroleum Rail Tank Wagons of Britain R. Tourret - Tourret Publishing - 1980 - ISBN 0 905878 02 7 ) owned by the splendidly named 'Scottish Fish Oil and Guano Co. Interesting design as well.
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Mike Smith

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