Autocad 2005 to HP 650c

I am new at this and the first project has me stumped.
I have an Intarsia plan that I want to print with my 650c 36" wide.
The plan is in autocad 2004 and is 18 by 24.
I want to print out two plans, side by side so as to use only a sheet of
paper 36 by 24 for every 2 plan sheets. In order to do this I need to
turn the plan on end so two 18 by 24 drawings are side by side.
How is this done? Any help appreciated. I don't have the autocad manual
but I have the HP manual coming.
Any specific instructions will be greatly appreciated.
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AutoCAD doesn't have this capability. You'd be better off either getting paper the proper size, or a 24" roll. ___
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Paul Turvill
How about copying the drawing right next to the other one. Kind of pointless but you will be using the paper more efficiently. Once you run out then go buy the appropriate roll.
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Chris Gyotar
I've seen this feature in some higher end plotters (they will automatically arrange printed drawings to save paper), but not with the 650c, and it's not a feature of autocad.
Your best bet might be to simply copy the two drawings next to each other in autocad. (or reference them in.)
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Tim Arheit

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