Where to buy AutoCad?

A new job requires me to be know some AutoCad.
I should have started learning it long ago but never
had a capable computer.
I'm starting from scratch and want to get a version
for my 700 Mhz, 98 SE setup.
Any suggestions?
What is the latest version that could be run with what I have?
What does the full version have that LT lacks?
Self-expiring student versions worth it?
What is a GREAT first book to get?
Any info greatly appreciated!
I live in Portland, OR
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Any of the latest versions should run, but I've heard of numerous problems with crashes with 98 and anything newer than AutoCAD 2000.
VBA, Lisp, 3D, rendering and the ability to use add on packages.
For the price, yes. But! Don't ever work on something real. Drawings created with student versions have a curse on them (so to speak). Simply inserting a drawing from a student version into one created by the full version can make the full version print out "Educational version"
For educational, see the schools bookstore. For the full version, see a local dealer. You can purchase it directly from Autodesk, but it's typically cheaper from the dealer.
For basic drawing you could try Intellicad. It's much cheaper and does much the same as Autocad with a much cheaper price. It would be plenty for learning some AutoCAD.
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Tim Arheit

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