Is it possible to upgrade from AutoCad LT97?

Have not used AutoCad in almost 10 years but my son now wants to get into
it. Is their a upgrade path from LT97 or do I need to get the full 2008 LT
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I'm afraid you have to start again and buy a new copy. If your son is a student, there are free versions of Autodesk software available from:
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MJ Smyth
OT - apologies guys.
MJ, this is for you. Quite a few years ago we both haunted the Intellicad newsgroup and you seemed to know 100 times anyone else. Now I notice that the Intellicad NG is almost, if not completely, belly up. We're from the same part of the world and I first detected that when I saw you using two "first names." Only there have I ever see this usage. Anyway, I took the Intellicad introductory course and wasn't very happy with the product so I just went back to the old drawing board. Now I am ready to have another try so I would like to know your opinion of good but not very expensive cad progs.
I still have a copy of your post at the time about using the 5D PDF Creator but too bad that it disappeared. Is there any archive where a lone copy might be sleeping?
Val Healey
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