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Quick question or at least I think it will be. What I am going for is to have the revision table on a drawing have the name of the last user to up-rev the drawing automatically added to the revision table. Seems it is too much to ask to have someone have the discipline to do this on his own, this includes me.

I am having PDM update our revision table and want the name from PDM of last person who checked it in to fill in a column in the revisions table. Is it possible to populate a column in the revision table from PDM?

This brings one more question can we make a macro, VBA or other method, force the user on a save to fill in the custom properties that are blank before allowing them to save? After this is done the utility will recognize the fields have been filled and will not prompt the user to fill in the fields.


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We have a note on our drawings that has this in it.

AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS, INC. JOB# $PRP:"Jobno", SHT# $PRP:"Shtno", $PRP:"SW-Last Saved By", $PRP:"SW-Last Saved Date", DWG NAME: $PRP:"SW-File Name"

This note then gets updated every time someone saves the drawing, along with the .static info of the filename, etc. Might help you?


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Wayne Tiffany


Are you coding this yourself?

I would say if you can think of it it can probably be done if you know the right people and have enough money.

This is a pretty custom solution chances are nobody is going to have the code already for this.



corey remmmove scheich at hot mail .com

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