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I don't know just when this started, but it appears that, for the most part, you can not change the order of part patterns in an assy file. Used to be (since the version of SW that got rid of the different pattern groups) that you could drag and drop mostly all you wanted. Sometimes you would get the "no way" symbol, but letting go of it did work. When there weren't parent/child issues, it would work, but now it seems that it basically never works. I even tried changing the name of Pattern2 to Pattern3 so it would then come after Pattern4, but that didn't work.

Does any one have any insight into what's going on here? Any options other than blow away the pattern that you want to move down and recreate it? The reason for all of this is that as you develop a design, you tend to add more parts, and some of the time, you want to add these to an existing pattern. Not a problem, unless the parts you want to add are part of another, later pattern (pattern a pattern) and when you edit the first pattern, the later pattern isn't available. Oh, that naming thing...just kidding. :-)


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Wayne Tiffany
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This has been a around for a while, maybe since 2003 I think. Please submit this to your VAR and let's hope it gets fixed finally.


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