AutoCAD Map 5 (AutoCAD 2000) Dictionary Problem...

It seems I've done something to my dictionary in AutoCAD Map 5
(AutoCAD 2000) so that when I type "spell" into the command line, I
get this error message:
"Unknown Dictionary: "DCT MAIN"
Could Not Start Speller"
I asked a coworker if he was getting the same message, and he replied
"no" so I know it's a problem with my computer, and not on the server
side. I also know that the spell check works on my computer in
AutoDESK Landdesk 3 so I also know it's limited to to AutoCAD Map 5.
It worked previously, but I have no clue why it doesn't work now. In
addition, I mainly use Map 5 instead of Land-Desk 3 so my preference
would be to get the error fixed.
I've done a search for that "dictionary" but I couldn't find it or any
file like it. I'm also not even getting the option to switch back to
the default dictionary.
Thanks in advance for any assistance...
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Try this, at the command line type: dctmain enu . Does it work now?
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Chip Harper
Yes it does...thank you very much.
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