Autocad 2000 configuration

Hello there,
I am about to change my computer and would like to keep configuration of
Autocad 2000. I was changing the settings for months, changing a bit here
and there. Mouse settings, plotter settings, cursor settings... There was so
much of this, that I can't remember all the things I've done. The worst is,
that I don't remember HOW I did some of those things.
So, if I want to move my settings to another PC, where can I find the files,
where all these changes are kept? Of course if there is such option.
Thanks in advance,
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Look in the "Profiles" tab under "Tools/Options". You can save a named profile, which is all of your settings, it will have an ".arg" file extension. Copy this file to your new computer, then import the file in the profile tab.
Regards, John Henry
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John Henry

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