Plotter switching pens continuosly

Hi, my name is Massimo and I would like know from you about a
boring problem with my pen plotter (Roland DXY 1100).
I have are recently passed to Autocad 2000 coming from Autocad 14,
(Win Xp Pro); now it happens that during the print of any drawing
pens are very often switched over rather than being used, in turn, one
at a time.
I'll try to explain better: when I use Autocad 14, the plotter takes
a pen, which is associated to a color, and it contemporarily prints
all the lines with that color; with Autocad 2000 instead, it almost
changes pen continuously, apparently at random; then the drawing is
completed, but it obviously takes MUCH more time.
The driver that I use is the one downloaded from the Roland web site
and is compatible with Win XP.
In a italian CAD newsgroup someone suggested me to find the option "
order pens" or "optimize pens."
I spent a day to look for it : that option does't exist in ACAD 2000
as well as in the plotter driver.
Thank you all for your help, folks.

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Hi, you may try this: in autocad choose Tools-Options. Than find the User Preferences - Object Sorting Methods. Make sure that Plotting is marked. Use Apply and save it in a profile for further use.
If this doesn't do the trick try looking into your PC3 file, maybe there is an option.. No go?
Sorry can't help you further, maybe you can ask someone else in the Autocad newsgroup: - autodesk.autocad.print-plot.
Good luck,
"Claudio" schreef in bericht news:
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