DotSoft Announces XL2CAD 2.0

DotSoft announces the second release of their low cost Excel to
CAD application.
This release concentrated on bringing it inside AutoCAD (2000 and
higher) and strengthening its abilities.
First and foremost was the implementation of smart links. Now when
you place a spreadsheet reference, it remembers the time created and
the workbook used. When you reopen the drawing later, XL2CAD 2.0 will
automatically update only those spreadsheets that have changed!
Other improvements include:
+ Better support for borders, including Diagonal.
+ Better text placement support including Spillover, Indents
and Center Across Selection.
+ Better scaling including control over font scaling and
pad points.
+ Style overrides for normal, bold, italic, and bolditalic.
+ Ability to optionally draw Excel gridlines when borders
are not used.
+ Ability to launch Excel with referenced spreadsheet open.
+ Added named ranges which allows users to add rows/cols to
spreadsheet and have changes show on next update.
+ Added Shift characters override and shift point field.
+ Added Manager dialog with several options.
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for details.
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