Press-release: MathRevolt announces Infinity 1.2.6

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Contact: Julia Rowe
Company: MathRevolt
Title: Public Relations Manager
MathRevolt announces Infinity 1.2.6
Innovative non-linear math software suite released February, 23 2004
February, 23 2004 MathRevolt announced version 1.2.6 of its ground
breaking math software package that allows solving non-trivial math
analysis tasks. Infinity is advanced math modeling application that
enables anyone who can express his task in language of equations analyze
probable range of solutions real fast and easy. Thanks to innovative
technology utilized in this software, it is capable of extremely precise
calculations. This feature is crucial not only for scientific
calculations but also for applied math modeling in business and
Infinity is intended for broad range of computer users who possess basic
math knowledge and would like to solve complex math analysis tasks on a
PC. The application suits perfect for serious scientific calculations
where it beats any competing product both as to precision and speed of
operation. On the other hand Infinity can be used in financial planning,
exchange rates and stock market prediction, expected revenue evaluation
etc. Ease of use and strong visualization module allow for on-the-fly
task conditions altering and math model updating.
"As we have studied the market, we found there are two types of
solutions: those that are overloaded with functionality that is never
actually used and those that have nothing to offer," - said Pavel
Mikhailov, CEO of MathRevolt. "When creating Infinity, our goal was to
come up with a software solution that would offer both speed and
precision. Besides that, the application should have been easy to use
and priced reasonably!"
According to Mr. Mikhailov "MathRevolt did its very best to present
all-inclusive math application that can be used for fast high precision
calculations at an affordable price!"
About MathRevolt
Founded in 1998, MathRevolt specializes in developing scientific
software applications and applied math solutions for corporate market.
The company unites IT-specialists, scientists and software engineers
dedicated to bringing latest technology advancements to the mass market.
Besides developing applications, MathRevolt provides consulting services
and product training.
For more information, contact MathRevolt at:
Corporate web site:
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web site:
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