ROL NEWS--Sirius Rocketry Announces New Kits

Sirius Rocketry Announces New Kits
May 16, 2006
Web posted at: 6:54 PM EDT
(ROL Newswire) -- Sirius Rocketry announces the arrival of two new kits
based on the same design: the Interrogator and the Mid-Power
Interrogator. Each of the two kits have tons of waterslide decals. The
Interrogator was originally destined to be released in one size, but
after several prototypes were made, the decision was made to release the
kit in more than one scale. The Interrogator is designed for A through C
motors, and the Mid-Power Interrogator is designed for C11 through F12
motors. Sirius Rocketry has also added more detail decal sheets to their
waterslide decal line, and has also revamped their webstore with a new
look, new products and more features. Visit
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more information.
Source: Sirius Rocketry
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